Wedding Stylist vs Planner vs Coordinator

Congratulations! You’ve found the perfect reception space and that beautiful date is digitally circled on your calendar. Now what?

Your contract with the venue states you’ll be designated your very own Event Coordinator. That’s handy!

Before you walk away and think that’s all sorted,  let’s make sure you know what an Event Coordinator does. After the sales process (introducing their spaces and selling packages to you), a venue’s Event Coordinator is responsible for making sure all of the venue’s policies and procedures are adhered to. They’ll propose a running schedule for the night based on an ideal template  - this helps the kitchen coordinate the serving of meals around the formalities such as speeches, cake cutting and first dance. Some venues provide a limited catalogue of decorations as inclusions, such as basic candelabras, choice of chair sashes and coloured napkins. They will remind you to bring placecards in labeled envelopes a few days ahead of time. They may also recommend suppliers who’ve done great work at their wedding.

We’ve worked with countless amazing venue-based Event Coordinators across Melbourne. Their input is crucial to the smooth running of our weddings as it is imperative we respect a venue’s policies and procedures. We’re both on board with one ultimate goal in mind ~ to ensure you and your guests have a great wedding. Our priorities, however, are different. Their priorities are based around your time at the venue from a catering and operational perspective. Our priorities and focus are on you as a couple - we delve in to your needs, values and desires to extract the stories that need to be told. We spend months with you and away from you, sketching, painting, workshopping, ordering samples, mocking up installations and interviewing suppliers who can deliver upon the Style Plan you have approved.